2014 auction calendars published


The general amount of allowances to be auctioned quantities to 926,218,500. This quantity is comprised as follows:

Volume Auction platform States Details
559,575,000 EEX 25 taking part Member States Weekly auctions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
204,534,500 EEX Germany Weekly auctions on Fridays
55,565,000 EEX Poland 12 auctions on Wednesdays
106,544,000 ICE United Kingdom Fortnightly auctions on Wednesdays

These volumes are according to the related Decisions at the cap on emissions and the nationwide implementation measures, significantly the Decision of 5 September 2013. The general quantity comprises 4,900,000 allowances for Croatia that may not be auctioned in 2013 for the reason that preparations between the EEX and Croatia’s auctioneer don’t seem to be but in position. This quantity in addition to Croatia’s percentage for 2014 can be withheld from the auctions till two weeks after concluding those arrangements.

The volumes don’t but come with allowances to be auctioned for the Member States of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) which are participants of the European Economic Area (EEA). These allowances general 8,422,182 for 2013 and eight,827,000 for 2014. The EEA-EFTA States need to make use of the transitional not unusual auction platform and the Commission is these days discussing the preparations with them. It isn’t but transparent when the transitional not unusual auction platform will begin to auction allowances for the EEA-EFTA States.

At this time, the calendars don’t remember the Commission’s draft modification of the Auctioning Regulation for ‘back-loading’ an important quantity of allowances, which is able to impact the figures for person years, together with 2014. The calendars can be changed accordingly for the rest of the 12 months following adoption of this draft modification.

In 2014, pursuant to Article 10c of the ETS Directive, seven new Member States intend to allocate a complete of 129,505,064 allowances to positive electrical energy turbines at no cost. This quantity has been deducted from the amount of allowances to be auctioned.

The calendars were intently coordinated between the Commission, the Member States and the auction platforms.

On 13 November 2013, the Commission followed the Amendment to the Auctioning Regulation for checklist EEX as the second one opt-out auction platform appointed by means of Germany. This modification additionally introduces some minor adjustments to different provisions of the Regulation. The modification was once agreed by the Member States in June and the Council and the European Parliament didn’t carry any objections. The modification was once published within the Official Journal on 14 November and entered into pressure on 15 November 2013.

Aviation allowances

In reaction to the sure tendencies on the contemporary ICAO Assembly, the Commission proposed an modification to the EU ETS Directive on 16 October 2013 referring to aviation emissions. One of the proposed derogations would permit airplane operators to give up allowances with recognize to 2013 emissions by means of 30 April 2015 as a substitute of 30 April 2014.

In view of this proposal, the Commission and the Member States have requested the respective auction platforms to attend to post a draft auction calendar for aviation allowances till there may be better readability at the ultimate model of the modification, the anticipated timing of its adoption and therefore the proper volumes to be auctioned.


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