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These are the primary auction calendars for the auctions of common and aviation allowances in segment four of the EU ETS (2021-2030). They encompass the volumes for all Member States, the Innovation Fund and the Modernisation Fund. The auction calendar for the volumes to be auctioned for the United Kingdom in view of the participation within the EU ETS of the electrical energy producing installations within the Northern Ireland can be published in mid-2021.

In 2021, EEX, the recently re-appointed common auction platform, will perform the auctions for 25 Member States and three EEA EFTA States, as neatly for the Innovation Fund and the Modernisation Fund. Germany will auction one after the other its volumes additionally at EEX, which is its opt-out auction platform. Poland will proceed to make use of EEX (as the average auction platform) to auction its allowances within the absence of the nomination of its opt-out platform.

The 2021 auction volumes are calculated in response to the prior to now published:

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