3 pots or 5 pots? : AskCulinary


I redid my kitchen. I had terrible pots and pans from combined units and kind-hearted kin that did not talk to one another. Some chrome steel, some non-stick. In studying up, I stay seeing the way you in reality handiest want 3-5? fundamental gear beginning with a forged iron fry pan (which I’ve, 12in) and a (I’ve a sq., copper chef factor 9.5in) and what else? My function is to cook dinner on one or two days, for lunches for the week that I will be able to reheat on microwave at paintings, and dinners that I will be able to pre-prepare and reheat at house extra and prep extra. What I’m discovering is I would like extra packing containers to retailer issues greater than anything like chopped veggies, and meats, and so forth to carry for a time period (I’m unmarried) or easiest to simply purchase as I am going? I imply one onion will final some time. P.S I posted in /iamveryculinary first, in error I’m so embarrased.


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