Alguashte (Salvadoran Pumpkin Seed Seasoning) Recipe


[Photograph: Karla Vasquez]

Alguashte is a seasoning fashionable in El Salvador made up of flooring pumpkin seeds and used as a condiment for fresh-cut end result like mangoes both ripened and green, jicama, oranges, and different tropical end result and seeds. The fragrant, nutty element could also be utilized in savory Salvadoran dishes.

The pumpkin seeds used for alguashte are normally both from ayote or pepian, two other squash sorts (even though some other people use the phrases interchangeably). Depending on the place you store, you won’t be capable of in finding pumpkin seeds categorized with the squash selection particularly, which is okay so long as the pumpkin seeds you purchase nonetheless have the husk on—it is the husk that, as soon as toasted and flooring with the internal seeds, brings a deeper and extra advanced taste to what’s in a different way a apparently easy, two-ingredient condiment.


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