Any clever hacks for keeping the bottom of a baking dish from getting greasy when a casserole bubbles over? : AskCulinary


When I bake lasagna or mac and cheese or pie or no matter, I normally put it on a baking sheet to stay issues tidy in case it bubbles over, like a civilized individual. And, every so often it does bubble over. But the power of this way could also be its weak spot: the grease is now on the tray, and so is the baking dish, so then you might have a sizzling baking dish with grease on the aspects and imaginable the bottom.

Which led me to surprise this night… are there any clever hacks or medical traits on this space that I will have to be made mindful of?

I imply, I’ve my very own methods for coping and cleansing, principally involving awkwardly sliding the sizzling dish from side to side over a dampened towel. And I do know I may just type a koozie or one thing. But it befell to me that perhaps the hive thoughts has a much less awkward, attempted and true hack to provide?


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