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Hey there,

Someone in my circle of relatives had to check out going wheat-free as a part of a “low FODMAP” nutrition, so as a substitute of pancakes for weekend breakfast, I’m attempting Johnnycakes. This is strive #3. It’s been a combined bag. I’ve had some good fortune, however I want to up my recreation and get extra constant.

For reference, I’m going with the Cook’s Country recipe and method.

I did mail-order the appropriate consistency cornmeal from a really helpful position in Rhode Island (Kenyon’s Johnnycake meal), in order that section must be proper. I make up a pleasant maple butter to serve them with. But I believe like the largest factor is consistency. It turns out like I am getting a couple of 3 minute window the place the ‘batter’ is the appropriate moisture degree. It’s simply fiddly as hell. I’ve had it too wet, so it spreads out an excessive amount of, or it falls aside, or it will get too dry and does not cling in combination, and so on.

Any veterans of Johnnycake land were given any guidelines for turning them out extra constantly? When they are just right, they are actually just right, however…


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