Arnold Schwarzenegger Reflects on the Parallels Between Trumpism & Nazism, and How We Can Save Our Democracy


He grew up in the ruins of World War II–the ruins created by means of the Nazism and its ideological dedication to conspiracy theories, violence and white supremacy. Based on that formative revel in, the former Republican governor gives his take on this week’s coup strive in Washington: “Being from Europe, I’ve noticed how issues can spin out of keep an eye on… We should pay attention to the dire penalties of selfishness and cynicism. President Trump sought to overturn the result of an election, of an even election. He sought a coup by means of deceptive other people with lies. My father and our neighbors had been additionally misled with lies, and I do know the place such lies lead.” To keep away from a identical destiny, we should hang the conspirators responsible, in finding public servants who will serve upper beliefs, and, most significantly, “glance previous ourselves, our events and our disagreements, and put our democracy first.” Amen Arnold.

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