Excellent night guys, I’ve a quandary that I am hoping to get some assist with. I’m staying in a brief time period serviced condo and will likely be right here for a few months longer, however no more than a yr.

The cookware that used to be supplied via the construction is outdated and suffers from put on and tear, together with the PTFE flaking into the meals. I learn that the flakes are non-toxic, however it could be great not to have to fret about it right through my keep.

I’m in search of some suggestions for reasonably priced cookware I will be able to have delivered if any individual has any ideas. There’s a probability I will have the ability to carry the items with me to my subsequent condo, however it is simply as most probably they’re going to keep in the back of. So not anything too fancy.

In search of single-serving, small dimension cookware to be used on an induction cooktop:

  • One skillet or frying pan (normal use)

  • One small saucepan (for cooking stovetop rice, and warming up leftovers!)

  • One inventory pot (for soups)

A peek at what I am running with beneath.



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