CEOs with unusual names make more unusual strategic moves


Want unconventional management? Work for a CEO with a wild title, says a new study out of Rice University.

Researchers traced 1,172 public firms for 20 years, and located that businesses helmed via Elons and Vitaliks and Heywards and Safras have more unique and unorthodox methods than different firms. Put differently, unusual names correlated with unusual aggressive moves. 

“This is constant with findings from mental analysis that a hit pros who’ve unusual names generally tend to view themselves as more particular, distinctive, attention-grabbing and inventive,” write the researchers.

The researchers chalk up their findings to the truth that despite the fact that a lot of people have unusual names, few have the sources and visibility of CEOs, who enact their self-perceived distinctive creativity on a grand degree.

“Although many of us would possibly not have the arrogance to show off how distinctive they imagine themselves to be, CEOs do—they’re normally assured people,” write the researchers. (Some would say too confident.)

Sticks and stones might ruin your bones, however not unusual names will bore you.


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