Companies shall be allotted quotas that restrict long run gross sales of HFCs, which can be tough greenhouse gases. This is step one in making ready a phase-down of HFCs within the EU –  the principle measure presented by the brand new F-gas Regulation which applies from 1 January 2015. Under the brand new regulation, emissions of HFCs  shall be lowered to one-third of as of late’s ranges by 2030.

The formal realize describes the method for registering with the brand new HFC Registry. This is needed each for companies that experience legally reported manufacturing or imports within the length 2009-2012 (‘reporting companies’) in addition to for ‘new entrants’ to the marketplace that experience no longer finished so.

Reporting companies  shall be given reference values in keeping with their historical knowledge. New entrants may have to claim their want for quota to the European Commission, which can allocate quotas on a professional rata foundation till not more quotas are to be had.

For reporting companies and new entrants alike, 1 July 2014 is the time limit for registration and 2015 quota packages, the usage of the appropriate forms.


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