Commission invites Member States to indicate their positions on back-loading


In order to supply a top level of felony walk in the park in relation to back-loading of the public sale time profile, the Commission regarded as it helpful to explain the ETS Directive. A restricted modification of the Directive was once subsequently proposed by way of the Commission on 25 July 2012 and Parliament and Council are invited to urgently conclude the legislative procedure.

The Commission has despatched a draft modification of the Auctioning Regulation to Member States to acquire their positions in December. The time table for the December Committee assembly does no longer on the other hand invite them to undertake a proper opinion (vote) on the assembly. The Committee is anticipated to be requested to undertake a proper opinion promptly after the settlement on the proposed explanation of the ETS Directive by way of the co-legislators. Parliament and Council will then be requested to entire their scrutiny once imaginable thereafter. Once that is completed, the Commission will probably be ready officially to undertake the modification of the Regulation.


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