Commission proposes significant reduction in emissions of fluorinated gases


The proposed revision of the F-gas Regulation targets to cut back F-gas emissions via two-thirds of as of late’s ranges via 2030. It additionally bans the use of F-gases in some new apparatus the place viable extra climate-friendly possible choices are readily to be had.

F-gases are regularly used in refrigeration and air con, in addition to in electric apparatus, insulation foams, aerosol sprays and fireplace extinguishers. They leak into the ambience from manufacturing crops, from home equipment they’re used in, and when such home equipment are thrown away.

Connie Hedegaard, EU Commissioner for Climate Action, stated: “I’m proud to give this new initiative simply after we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol. By proscribing the volume of f-gases that may be offered in the EU, this new law will receive advantages the weather and create nice industry alternatives. Our present law has effectively damaged a rising development in emissions and pushed technological innovation. Now that extra climate-friendly merchandise may also be made, we move one step additional in decreasing emissions from f-gases cost-effectively.

Today’s proposal introduces a phase-down measure that from 2015 limits the full quantity of essentially the most significant workforce of F-gases – hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) – that may be offered in the EU and decreases this in steps to 1 5th of as of late’s gross sales via 2030. This measure will construct at the a success phasing out of ozone-depleting ingredients which was once completed in the EU 10 years forward of the agenda agreed across the world.

The proposed measure anticipates and facilitates settlement on a world phase-down of intake and manufacturing of HFCs which is to be mentioned at the yearly assembly of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol subsequent week. Ahead of the UN weather alternate convention in Doha later this month, it additionally reinforces the decision for pressing motion on HFCs from different nations in order to near the space between present emission reduction pledges for 2020 and the extra bold motion had to stay the objective of maintaining international warming underneath 2°C inside achieve.


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