Commission submits draft amendment to back-load 900 million allowances to the years 2019 and 2020


The back-loading does no longer impact the total quantity of allowances to be auctioned in segment 3, most effective the distribution of public sale volumes over the eight-year duration (the ‘public sale time profile’).

The determine of 900 million allowances has been put ahead in the gentle of perspectives expressed via Member States and stakeholders in reaction to the tasks taken via the Commission when it finished the evaluation of the public sale time profile last July.

At that point, the Commission transmitted a primary draft of the amendment to the Auctioning Regulation to the Climate Change Committee with out together with a determine. It additionally proposed a minor amendment to the ETS Directive that goals to explain that the timing of auctions inside of a buying and selling duration could also be modified via amending the Auctioning Regulation so as to be sure the orderly functioning of the carbon marketplace. That draft Decision nonetheless calls for approval via the European Parliament and Council.

The Commission will on Wednesday undertake a record on the functioning of the European carbon marketplace. In this record it’s going to provide a collection of choices for structural measures to take on the supply-demand imbalance and invite stakeholder perspectives on them.


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