I used to be having a fascinating dialogue previous with a few buddies. In our more youthful years, all of us labored at other eating places and inns. The subject of meals prices got here up, and as we talked and in comparison notes we learned that breakfast biscuits appeared to range wildly in value!

I labored at a resort and ceremonial dinner heart. We made round 240 biscuits for the breakfast carrier every morning. Broken down into a price in keeping with biscuit, it rand one thing like $0.08 to make a biscuit.

One pal labored at Red Lobster for 3 years. We anticipated the ones biscuits to be dearer given the cheese and herbs utilized in them. But we did not be expecting him to say it used to be as top as he did! He says that they value round $0.28 in keeping with biscuit! Something simply did not appear proper about that quantity.

My 2nd pal labored at Cracker Barrel, and he mentioned their value broke down to round $0.10 in keeping with biscuit. I truly anticipated Cracker Barrel to beat out my resort biscuits in value, particularly given the quantity of biscuits they serve. I do know they have got to be serving greater than 240 in keeping with eating place in keeping with day. I do know rattling smartly they do in Mississippi Cracker Barrels. My other people can not get sufficient of the issues.

So, will a qualified step in and assist me perceive what is going on. What is so other from one eating place to the following? I unquestionably be expecting Red Lobster to have the next value to their biscuit since they’re made with cheese and herbs. But… that a lot? And how may a resort’s somewhat small breakfast biscuit batch be lower price than a top quantity eating place like Cracker Barrel? Our biscuits, like Cracker Barrel’s, had been produced from scratch each and every morning and tasted very in a similar fashion. I will be able to’t consider the recipes had been that a lot other.

For context, I and my buddies all labored at those jobs within the 90’s, so I’m smartly mindful those meals prices could also be significantly upper now. But for the reason that we had been all operating there round the similar time, it appears like an apples to apples comparability.


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