Daniel Gritzer’s Home Kitchen Is Tiny But Chock Full of Gear


[Video: Serious Eats Video]

I’ve been running solely from house since March, and in that point I’ve recorded movies, hosted livestreams, advanced recipes, cross-tested others, and carried out my easiest to take my very own pictures. If there may be something that has turn into transparent in all that point, it is that my kitchen is also tiny, however it’s mighty.

This is not the primary time I’ve given Serious Eats readers a excursion of my house kitchen—I brought you all in for a peek again in 2014 after I first got to work for the website. Since then, I’ve totally renovated it to deal with maximum of my unique court cases and feature gathered much more equipment than I did then. It’s packed tight (my spouse, Kate, would say too tight), however it is my process and I want these things.*

*Granted, “want” is a subjective time period. Do I in reality want greater than 10 coffee-brewing gadgets and nearly each possible pot and pan in replica triplicate? Yes, sure I do.

If you are curious to look my present setup and very important apparatus, watch the video above. By the tip of it, I’m positive you too will agree that there is not anything I might be able to get rid of to create space for all of the dried pasta I lately stash underneath my mattress.

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