Don’t Think Twice: A Poignant Film Documents How Bob Dylan & The Beatles Bring Joy to a Dementia Patient


It’s continuously stated the sense of odor is maximum intently attached to long-term reminiscence. The information gives little convenience to us forgetful other people with a reduced sense of odor. But more and more, neuroscientists are discovering how sound too can faucet without delay into our inner most reminiscences. Patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia seem to come alive, turning into their outdated selves once they listen tune they acknowledge, particularly in the event that they had been musicians or dancers in a former lifestyles.

“Sound is evolutionarily historic,” Nina Kraus, a neuroscientist at Northwestern University, tells NPR. “It is deeply, deeply rooted in our fearful gadget. So the reminiscences that we make, the sound-to-meaning connections that we have got and that we’ve made all over our lives are all the time there. And it’s a topic of having the ability to get right of entry to them.” The earworms we discover ourselves buzzing all day; the songs we by no means overlook how to sing… those are keys to a storehouse of reminiscence.

Stories documenting dementia sufferers within the presence of tune typically center of attention, understandably, on those that have misplaced mind serve as due to outdated age. In “Don’t Think Twice,” the fast documentary above, we meet John Fudge, who sustained a irritating mind damage when he fell from the white cliffs of Dover and cut up his head open at 24 years outdated. “The extent of his accidents weren’t published,” writes Aeon, “till a long time later, when docs determined to carry out a mind scan after John slipped into a deep despair.”

He used to be discovered to have in depth mind injury, “together with a modern type of dementia” referred to as Semantic Dementia that leaves victims acutely aware of their deterioration whilst being not able to specific themselves. John’s spouse Geraldine “compares his mind to an oak tree, its limbs of information being slowly trimmed away, inflicting John nice psychological anguish.” In the fast movie, then again, we see how “his musical skills” are one “as-yet untrimmed department.”

John himself explains how he “just about died thrice” and Geraldine assists along with her observations of his revel in. “It’s all there,” she says, “it’s simply bits of it have form of been blanked out…. Over the years, John’s semantic working out of the sector will go to pot.” When a younger volunteer named Jon from the Hackney Befriending Service stops by means of, the gloom lifts as John engages his outdated interest for taking part in songs by means of the Beatles and Bob Dylan.

Follow the transferring tale of the way John and Jon turned into speedy buddies and very good harmonizers and notice extra inspiring tales of the way tune can alternate Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers’ lives for the easier on the hyperlinks beneath.

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