Every Kitchen Should Have a Bowl Scraper


Bowl scraper and dough

The Ateco bowl scraper at paintings. [Photographs: Vicky Wasik]

I imagine myself a minimalist within the kitchen. Possibly that comes from residing in tiny areas for many of my grownup existence, or from my time in kitchens, the place optimization and economic system of motion are skilled and every so often ethical imperatives. Over time, I’ve pared down my apparatus to the naked necessities. And if I had to pick out one software to have at hand within the kitchen—and even in day-to-day existence—it could need to be this bowl scraper from J.B. Prince.

I first encountered this actual bowl scraper as a tender intern at Rouge Tomate, in New York Town. One of the most pastry chefs, Gael, was once expertly fashioning loads of small diamond shapes out of razor-thin slices of mango. Each and every order consisted of about 20 to 30 items, and as you may consider, there was once some really extensive waste. I used to be assigned to assist him. Because the piles of best diamonds gathered, so too did the pile of mango trim develop on our reducing forums. With out skipping a beat, Gael reached into his breast pocket, pulled out a tiny bowl scraper, and swiped the entire trim away in a single fluid movement. In the meantime, I used to be drowning in mango trimmings. I didn’t have a scraper. I appeared longingly at his. Sensing my desperation, he passed me his personal. “Stay it,” he stated. Gael most certainly modified my existence that day.

I do know what you’re pondering. It’s only a bowl scraper. It’s so small. It couldn’t be that helpful. Neatly, let me set issues instantly.

First, let’s discuss the fee. At a staggering $1.30, it’s most likely the most cost effective piece of kitchen apparatus you have to personal.* Actually, at one level I owned no less than 10 of those scrapers at a time, doling them out to chefs in want and pals who didn’t know they wanted one. And as we will be able to see, this actual bowl scraper may have the best possible benefit-to-cost ratio of any software available in the market.

* Sadly, that value jumps fairly a little bit in case you are taking a look to reserve it on-line right now; if you wish to stay prices not up to the kind of $10 delivery and dealing with rate these days related to the J.B. Prince scraper, we strongly counsel this moderately better Ateco bowl scraper as an alternative—on the time of writing, it sells for $4.10 on Amazon, with unfastened delivery.

Subsequent, let’s take a look at the dimensions and development. This scraper measures four-and-a-half through 3 inches, which is the very best measurement to conveniently have compatibility in any chest or pant pocket. The fabric is difficult, nonporous, however versatile plastic, with two sharp ends. One finish is moderately sharper and rounded with an asymmetrical bevel (very similar to the reducing fringe of a Eastern-style knife), whilst the opposite finish is instantly. Even supposing it’s made from plastic, it’s unusually sturdy. I’ve by chance run each serrated and standard knives around the floor, leading to scratches however by no means cracks or breakage. Those scrapers may also face up to an errant chop from a heavy cleaver. And anecdotally, those scrapers are relatively warmth resistant—as much as 400 levels (despite the fact that I doubt they’re marketed this manner).

However what are you able to in fact do with this bowl scraper? After all, there’s its meant objective, which it accomplishes masterfully. Scraping dough out of a bowl with this factor is a dream. The sharper rounded edge selections up dough easily, and it feels just like the scraper is glued to the skin of the bowl as you progress it throughout. And as the scraper subject matter is nonporous, dough doesn’t stick or snag in any respect. I to find the dimensions of the scraper simply large enough and the fabric simply solid sufficient to maintain medium-sized doughs, as much as 800 grams in overall weight—which isn’t any small feat for one thing that matches to your chest pocket.

On account of the flat, asymmetrical edge, reducing and dividing dough is a breeze. I exploit this scraper on every occasion I make gnocchi, lower logs for orecchiette, or need to divide small parts of dough. Because it’s made from plastic, I don’t have to fret about ruining a pleasant picket, granite, or marble desk floor, both. I additionally love shaping sticky doughs like high-hydration brioche with this software, the use of the flat aspect to spherical and tighten parts.

Outdoor of dough paintings, this bowl scraper shines even brighter. Corralling lower components out of your reducing board is an crucial kitchen talent, and the use of a quick, light-weight bowl scraper like this one makes the method virtually 2nd nature. Want to briefly blank up the mess of carrot peels in your station and that explosion of entire wheat flour at the counter? Bowl scraper’s were given your again. Pushing purées or mashed potatoes via a fine-mesh tamis? Bowl scraper is the weapon of selection. This scraper even plays smartly out of doors of the kitchen. Want a bookmark? Bench scraper is healthier than a bookmark (water-resistant, stainless, received’t rip, received’t give up). Were given a knot to your neck? Use the scraper for myofascial unencumber, now not in contrast to a standard Gua Sha scraper. Actually, regardless of its easy design, I’m certain you have to get a hold of a number of makes use of for the scraper that don’t contain meals.

So scrape in combination some unfastened exchange and get your self a bowl scraper. You received’t remorseful about it. And given the outrageously low value, what’s there to lose? Within the exalted phrases of the minimalist luminary Marie Kondo, I ensure that this little man will spark pleasure.

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