Okay so I’ve in the end attempted to do a steak at house however they grew to become out a little much less juicy and more difficult than I believed they’d be. So this was once what I did:

Grass-fed 3/4″ thick Ribeye

Steak prep:
Salted them and put them within the refrigerator to dry-brine. It was once intended to be for 48 hours a minimum of in accordance directions I learn however made up our minds to take it out about 18 hours or so.

I sought after to deliver the beef to room temp about 1 hr prior to however I learn this ( https://www.seriouseats.com/2013/06/the-food-lab-7-old-wives-tales-about-cooking-steak.html ) and made up our minds to take a look at it instantly from refrigerator to pan.

  • Burner was once set at most. Everyone instructional i learn says top warmth, so..

  • I do not personal a chrome steel or cast-iron pan – but, so it was once carried out on an anolon non-stick

  • Used canola/sunflower mix of oil, sufficient to coat the pan.

  • I believe I did about 3mins on one aspect, and flipped. The pan/oil was once smoking, alot.

  • At this level I added butter, herbs, and garlic.

  • Butter burnt, virtually straight away, no method to bast it. Finished up the second one aspect in about 2-3mins.

  • Let relaxation about 8mins or so.

I did 2 items on the identical time, first one who went in was once well-done (supposed, for infant), the opposite was once medium-well, for myself.

The medium-well was once reasonably gamey, chewy, a little tough. Actually controlled to get seared crust out of a non-stick pan, I believed I learn this wasn’t imaginable?
My pals stated it was once as it was once too sizzling. So at this level, I’m looking to examine and be informed from my errors to make the following piece higher.


  • Is it the standard of the beef that made it more difficult? I’d more than likely go for a thicker lower subsequent time too.

  • Should I’ve left it to brine additional?

  • Was the pan actually too sizzling, at most? Every youtube/instructional I see says top warmth. Is the burner at most too top?

  • The butter burns virtually straight away, do the ones youtube vids I see use clarified butter, or is the pan actually too sizzling?

  • Should I’ve used a upper smoke level oil? Like avocado?



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