Has anyone gone through this experience after a playing a game for few hours? : Games


Now this may not be technically gaming comparable however I wouldn’t have a greater subreddit to invite this query from.

Let’s assume If I performed Tomb Raider for 2-Three hours and later at evening when i lay down for sleep and bring to mind all the ones random ideas(prior to napping) my “considering” mind is having that interior monologue whilst my “visible” mind is mainly Lara Croft leaping from one rooftop to some other and going from one trail to some other. And all this is going on routinely. I am considering that different idea consciously whilst my visible mind is routinely doing the leaping, mountaineering factor. This has took place a number of occasions however in recent years I spotted what’s if truth be told going down and gave it a idea.

Has someone else long past thru the similar revel in? Is it commonplace? And why does the mind do that?

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