I’m looking to get a small meals trade going through cooking heart japanese shawarma and promoting the Lebanese Garlic sauce or Toum in jars as neatly.

Preparing the toum for orders works simply effective however I am certain there will have to be added measures meals protection sensible so I can promote it in jars and extend its shelf existence.

Due to the fragility of the Toum emulsion which can simply destroy, I am now not certain easy methods to procedure it in some way that can promote it in jars that might now not motive somebody hurt.

Does somebody right here know any approach I can procedure the substances, the jars, and the sauce the place it can nonetheless retain its qualities and style?

For added element, this is my procedure of making the sauce:

180 g garlic, de-germed 1 tsp salt three cups canola oil 1/four cup lemon juice Ice chilly water

I use a blender since I do not need a meals processor and I have made it paintings through balancing the addition of oil/lemon juice in this kind of approach that the oil is emulsified with out the blender having an excessive amount of issue.

I would respect any can help you can supply!


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