How can I “reshape” and “recook” store bought marshmallows? : AskCulinary


I’m most probably going to need to experiment and determine this out myself, however I idea perhaps pastry cooks have already got an ordinary method they do it. . . .

Say I have a bag of Kraft mini marshmallows, simplest I need jumbo Kraft marshmallows. How may I mix the ones mini marshmallows to lead them to precisely like the large ones?

And vice-versa.

I principally need in an effort to reshape marshmallows the best way you could chocolate, so I can have large ones, small ones, other shapes and colours, and so on., with out ruining the style and texture of store bought marshmallows. I need it to fully indistinguishable from restricted version sorts of Kraft marshmallows that are not to be had in shops.


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