I really like the crackling of a nice sear on a steak, and the unctuous style of the butter baste. But it kind of feels like I will be able to’t have the ones with a med uncommon inside of even on a very thick ribeye.

Tonight I used a 1.2-1.4in ish ribeye. Used forged iron on med top preheated with a top smoke level oil. Ended up med smartly, which my female friend prefers so it sorta labored out. But I used to be making an attempt for med on the maximum.

It it simply a topic of having an excellent thicker steak? Yes I dried the out of doors, however I didn’t have time to dry brine. That would have helped without a doubt. Yes I used a speedy thermometer to observe the temp. I used the turn a couple of instances manner, as Daniel Gritzer recommends What else can I do?


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