How do I infuse the best roasted garlic flavor in my focaccia? : AskCulinary


“Infused” might not be the best phrase, however the best one I may call to mind for the name.

I’ve been experimenting with other ways of constructing rosemary garlic focaccia bread and the closing time I made it I roasted an entire head of garlic, mashed it right into a paste, then combined it immediately into the dough. I love the flavor of roasted garlic, however the flavor it gave the bread used to be very gentle. I wish to punch it up a couple of notches.

The most powerful flavor I’ve gotten up to now used to be when I tossed in entire cloves of roasted garlic I purchased in like a vacuum sealed pack at the grocery retailer. I favored how stinky the flavor used to be, however any cloves uncovered to the air were given weirdly dry and crunchy in the oven. Like the had been freeze dried or one thing.

Should I simply upload in extra heads till I get the flavor I need? Or will have to I check out a brand new means?


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