How does Italian pasta al dente compare to Asian noodles ? : AskCulinary


So I do know pasta is meant to be al dente however I’ve at all times struggled with it as a result of I’m used to Asian noodles like ramen, wonton noodles, pho and many others.

Asian noodles are usually served in a soup so it’s at all times cushy whilst al dente is meant to be arduous from what I learn.

It’s a in point of fact overseas idea for me to undercook noodles just like the Italians do.

I don’t in point of fact perceive why Italians choose their noodles to be so arduous and crunchy?

Every time I’ve attempted al dente (7 minutes in boiling water), it’s simply crunchy and tastes find it irresistible’s part cooked. Also I don’t perceive why they put SO a lot salt within the water.

I attempted a handful of kosher salt as soon as as prompt and the pasta was once so arduous to consume – it was once WAY too salty. I discovered a tablespoon of salt max works very best for me…How do you guys consume salty noodles ???

Can any individual give an explanation for to me the idea that of al dente and why they don’t cook dinner it like noodles in Asia ?


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