How to Crack an Egg With One Hand


Thirty-two. That’s the collection of eggs Ross McCurdy can crack in a single minute with one hand. Should you assume that sounds spectacular, you’re proper. McCurdy holds the Guinness Global Report for his feat. The name of the game to his luck? Loads and loads of observe. McCurdy is the landlord of a diner in Washington state the place a mean day has him cracking open a couple of thousand eggs. 

Whilst you may now not want to crack one thousand eggs in an afternoon, there are advantages to studying easy methods to crack an egg open with one hand. Within the kitchen, the place multitasking is important, with the ability to stay your different hand to be had when you crack eggs is a large merit. You’ll use that different hand to whisk your eggs into a gentle hollandaise sauce, turn a scorching pile of hash browns, or carry a mug of steaming espresso. Plus, cracking an egg with one hand seems to be so much cooler and extra chic than ham-fisting it aside with either one of your mitts. 

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Illustrated by Ted Slampyak

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