How to save my roasted parsnips soup? : AskCulinary


I roasted 10 cloves of garlic and six parsnips at 350 till effectively golden. I then sautéed three small pink onions on low till virtually caramelized, deglazed with white wine, and added spices (cardamom, nutmeg, thyme, and a stick of cinnamon) after which added the roasted garlic and parnsnips. When I combined the soup the usage of an immersion blender I forgot to take away the cinnamon stick and I by chance combined it! My soup now tastes very candy, kinda lifestyles apple sauce? I added lemon juice of two lemons, sherry vinegar, butter, and coconut milk (part a can) to attempt to save it however that didn’t reduce the apple sauce taste.

What can I do to save it?


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