India vs Australia 4th Test, Day 2 Live Cricket Score: Huge Setback For India As Rohit Sharma Falls For 44


IND vs AUS, 4th Test, Day 2 Live Score: Huge Setback For India As Rohit Sharma Falls For 44

IND vs AUS Live: Rohit Sharma, Cheteshwar Pujara on Day 2 of the 4th Test.© AFP

India have constructed some momentum after dropping an early wicket in opposition to Australia, on Day 2 of the continued fourth Test fit, at The Gabba on Saturday. Opener Rohit Sharma shall be making an attempt to strike a partnership with Cheteshwar Pujara, after seeing opening spouse Shubman Gill lose his wicket to Pat Cummins. The hosts have been bowled out for 369 ahead of Lunch destroy, and shall be hoping for his or her bowling division to accomplish in opposition to the guests. The hosts carried on with their momentum from Day 1, with Tim Paine scoring a half-century. Paine slammed 50 runs off 104 balls ahead of edging one to Rohit Sharma off Shardul Thakur. Test debutants T Natarajan and Washington Sundar added to their tally on Day 2, registering a very powerful wickets for India. Sundar took the wickets of Cameron Green and Nathan Lyon. Natarajan wiped clean up Josh Hazlewood to finish Australia’s innings. Natarajan, Sundar and Thakur all picked up 3 wickets apiece whilst Mohammed Siraj accounted for one wicket. The guests shall be aiming to dominate Australia’s bowling division on Day 2. (LIVE SCORECARD)


4th Test, Day 2 Live Score Updates Between Australia (AUS) vs India (IND), Straight From The Gabba, Brisbane

  • 09:49 (IST)

    OUT! Rohit Sharma c Mitchell Starc b Nathan Lyon 44 (74)

    A period supply by way of Lyon, floating outdoor off. Rohit is going ahead and lofts it in opposition to long-on for a catch!

    In comes, Ajinkya Rahane.

  • 09:44 (IST)


    Green bowls a complete supply, outdoor off. Rohit occasions his shot completely to punch it between the bowler and mid-off for a 4!

  • 09:41 (IST)

    One run

    Lyon drifts in a straighter supply. Rohit guides it to the leg facet for a unmarried.

  • 09:36 (IST)


    Cummins bowls a complete supply, at off stumps. Rohit makes use of his wrists to lead it immediately of mid-on for a 4! AESTHETIC SHOT!

  • 09:34 (IST)


    A excellent period supply by way of Cummins, outdoor off. Rohit Edges it between the slips and gully for a 4!

  • 09:27 (IST)

    One run

    Cummins bowls a brief supply, into the frame. Rohit pulls it to mid-wicket for a unmarried.

  • 09:25 (IST)

    No run

    Green delivers a complete period ball, into leg stump. Pujara sends it into leg facet. No run.

  • 09:22 (IST)


    Green bowls a brief supply, broad. Rohit manages to lead it thru backward level with a sq. force for a 4!

  • 09:18 (IST)

    Three runs

    Cummins sends a complete supply at leg stump. Rohit drives it immediately down the bottom for 3 runs.

  • 09:17 (IST)

    Three runs

    A complete supply by way of Cummins at off stump. Pujara trickles it immediately of mid-off for 3 runs.

  • 09:12 (IST)

    Two runs

    A complete supply by way of Green, at off stump. Rohit sends it into the covers. He lofts it a little bit bit, bit it lands safely. Two runs.

  • 09:07 (IST)

    Two runs

    A excellent period supply by way of Cummins, outdoor off. Pujara glances it broad of a diving gully fielder. Two runs.

  • 09:03 (IST)

    One run

    Hazlewood bowls a brief ball. Pujara guides it into the purpose area off the backfoot. One run.

  • 08:56 (IST)


    A complete supply, outdoor off by way of Cummins. Rohit thick outdoor edges it broad of gully of 3rd guy for a 4!

  • 08:55 (IST)

    No run, Australia: 17/1 (8), path by way of 352 runs

    Hazlewood bowls a complete supply, at off stump. Pujara lifeless bats it to off facet. No run.

  • 08:54 (IST)

    1 leg bye and a large enchantment for LBW!

    Good period supply by way of Hazlewood, with some past due seam motion. It confuses Rohit and beats the brink. It takes the again leg. The Aussies enchantment, however the umpire ignores it. Height was once the problem! 1 leg bye!

  • 08:47 (IST)

    OUT!! Shubman Gill c Steve Smith b Pat Cummins 7 (15)

    Cummins bowls a period supply, outdoor off. Gill is completely undecided about it, and thick edges it to Smith at 2d slip. GOOD CATCH!

    In comes, Cheteshwar Pujara.

  • 08:40 (IST)

    No run

    Hazlewood sends a excellent supply, angling in at off stump. Rohit defends it.

  • 08:37 (IST)


    Starc bowls a brief supply, outdoor off. Gill sq. drives it in entrance of level. STYLISH SHOT!

  • 08:36 (IST)

    Two runs

    Starc bowls a complete supply, on off stump. Gill glances it thru midwicket. Two runs.

  • 08:30 (IST)

    One run

    Hazlewood delivers this ball into the pads. Gill guides it right down to lengthy leg for a unmarried.

  • 08:26 (IST)

    No run, India: 2/0 (2), path by way of 367 runs

    Hazlewood bowls a fuller supply, at off stump. Gill defends it. No run.

  • 08:20 (IST)

    Two runs, off the mark!

    A complete supply by way of Starc. Rohit is going at the entrance foot and performs it throughout the covers for 2 runs.

  • 08:19 (IST)

    No run

    Starc bowls it broad, outdoor off. It is going to Paine above head peak. A complete period supply to start with.

  • 08:17 (IST)

    The motion resumes!

    Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill to open the batting for India. Mitchell Starc will bowl the primary over for Australia.

  • 07:38 (IST)

    OUT! Josh Hazlewood b T Natarajan 11 (27)

    A excellent period supply by way of Natarajan, on off stump line. Hazlewood tries to force it, however will get an inside of edge. The ball hits the off stump.

    Its Lunch time now, and Australia wrap up their first innings at 369 in 115.2 overs.

  • 07:32 (IST)

    FOUR! Australia: 369/9 (114)

    A period ball by way of Siraj, outdoor off. Hazlewood drives it on the upward thrust throughout the vacant covers area.

  • 07:31 (IST)


    Siraj bowls a shorter period supply. Hazlewood will get room and guides it off the again foot to the quilt boundary for a 4!

  • 07:27 (IST)

    One run

    A complete supply by way of Sundar on center stump. Starc drives it to long-on for a unmarried.

  • 07:24 (IST)

    One run

    Siraj sends a brief supply, outdoor off. Starc tries to drag it, however slices it. Mayank runs to his left from further duvet and dives however misses it. Nice effort even though!

  • 07:19 (IST)

    No run

    Sundar bowls a excellent period supply, at off stump. Hazlewood defends it into the covers. No run.

  • 07:16 (IST)

    No run

    A excellent period supply by way of Siraj, outdoor off. Hazlewood guides it to mid-off at the entrance foot. No run.

  • 07:11 (IST)

    OUT! Nathan Lyon b Washington Sundar 24 (22)

    A complete ball by way of Sundar, at center and leg. Lyon shuffles and tries to brush it. But it was once jus too complete! It hits the stumps.

    In comes, Josh Hazlewood.

  • 07:07 (IST)

    One run, Australia: 352/8 (107)

    Sundar delivers a complete ball, on off stump. Starc drives it to long-off for a unmarried.

  • 07:05 (IST)

    Two runs

    Sundar pitches a complete supply, angling into the pads. Starc guides it to midwicket’s left for 2 runs.

  • 06:59 (IST)


    A excellent period supply by way of Thakur, outdoor off. Lyon punches it to mid-off’s proper for a 4!

  • 06:53 (IST)


    A excellent period supply by way of Sundar, broad outdoor off. Lyon shuffles and will get down on his again knee to brush it previous quick nice for a 4!

  • 06:52 (IST)


    A complete supply at center stump by way of Thakur. Lyon makes use of the entire face of his bat to on-drive it previous the non-striker for a 4!

  • 06:51 (IST)


    A brief ball by way of Thakur, Lyon pulls it over sq. leg for a 4, with a couple of bounces ahead of the boundary.

  • 06:50 (IST)


    Not a excellent supply by way of Sundar. He overpitches it at off stump. Starc smacks it over long-on boundary for a six!

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