An within funny story about a TikTok meme amongst a crew of buddies on Twitter grew into a minor social media thriller sooner than morphing into a fundraiser for anti-racism causes. Yes, that could be essentially the most 2020 sentence I’ve written thus far.

On Thursday, the eye-mouth-eye emoji meme began showing in folks’s Twitter handles and virtually in an instant, the excitement began about what all of it supposed, Gizmodo reported. On TikTok, the meme is normally used to precise draw back or embarrassment. Soon an itiseyemoutheye Twitter handle seemed, then its website used to be featured on Product Hunt (although there’s no exact product), prompting dialogue on Reddit, and receiving some media protection sooner than the gang printed themselves in a put up past due Friday.

“A crew folks modified our Twitter names to incorporate “[the emoji]” as a result of we idea it used to be a humorous pattern from TikTok. People began noticing the alternate on their timelines, noting the creepiness of the emojis specifically,” the post states. “For a temporary time period, everybody who added the emojis to their identify used to be added to a massive Twitter crew dialog.”

The group describes itself as a “various, ragtag crew of younger technologists uninterested in the established order tech business,” which it says is “obsessive about unique social apps that ceaselessly forget about — and even silence — actual wishes confronted by means of marginalized folks in all places the arena, and exclude those other folks from the development procedure.”

When the gang discovered it had some momentum, it made up our minds to show its hype into a fundraising automobile for teams running towards racial justice, which integrated the Loveland Foundation Therapy Fund, The Okra Project, and The Innocence Project amongst others. It Is What It Is says it has raised greater than $60,000 to this point, with a matching donation of $50,000. As the gang mentioned in its commentary, “it’s what it’s: a meme that leveraged the relentless hype of unique apps and redirected it against a essential social want.”


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