Joint statement on emissions from shipping


“Shipping is a world business and wishes international answers to handle its environmental footprint. As a consequence, we’re all running in opposition to an the world over agreed international strategy to lower greenhouse gasoline emissions from ships. The International Maritime Organisation made an important and extremely welcome step ahead in July 2011 with the Energy Efficiency Design Index. But this measure on my own – which is carried out simplest to new ships from 2015 – is probably not sufficient to make sure shipping emissions are decreased rapid sufficient. Discussions about additional international measures are on-going at IMO stage, however we want middleman steps to briefly ship emissions discounts, akin to power potency measures additionally for current ships.

At EU stage, we believe a number of choices, together with market-based mechanisms. A easy, tough and globally-feasible manner in opposition to environment a gadget for tracking, reporting and verification of emissions founded on gasoline intake is the important start line. This will assist in making development at international stage and feed into the IMO procedure. It’s due to this fact our joint purpose to pursue any such tracking, reporting and verification gadget in early 2013. At the similar time, we can proceed the talk with stakeholders on which measure can effectively deal with the EU’s greenhouse gasoline relief targets.

The shipping business itself is easiest positioned to take the lead in handing over rapid and efficient greenhouse gasoline emission discounts – thereby slicing value and making the sphere are compatible for the longer term. The Commission is able to play its phase, within the EU and at IMO stage.”


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