Maggots in Creametts macaroni : AskCulinary


PLEASE take a look at your macaroni noodles prior to you prepare dinner with them. The approach they’re packaged permits for maggots to simply input the field.

I at all times put all my pasta in bins (one thing like LocknLock) that may seal out anything else. Even after doing that I pour my noodles out right into a flat pan and wait a minute or two prior to I boil them. Why, as a result of in two years, thrice I’ve discovered are living maggots left at the pan! The first time I discovered maggots used to be the remaining time I didn’t put noodles up immediately, pondering it used to be one thing in my cupboard.

I will’t take it again to the shop as a result of I buy in anticipation of my meal prep. I’ve handiest noticed this with Creametts macaroni. I do not know who to record this too so I’m alerting everybody I will.


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