Making curry tomorrow for vegan/health concious guests


My same old curry:

  • Mae Ploy curry paste

  • fish sauce

  • coconut milk and/or cream

  • hen

  • potatoes

  • onion

  • mushrooms

  • thai basil

  • canned chestnuts, tiny corn, and bamboo

  • tomato

  • every now and then peas

Tomorrow’s curry:

  • curry paste

  • vegan gluten loose hen bouillon

  • coconut milk and/or cream

  • potatoes

  • tomato

  • onion

  • imaginable peas from the lawn, if there may be any to reap

  • rice

No mushrooms, no fish sauce. I do not believe they devour issues packaged in aluminum so the canned bamboo and so forth is out. I’ve daikon at my disposal however I comprehend it is not preferred via some other people. Sweet potato and carrot is out. They introduced to deliver a leek to place in, however I’ve by no means cooked with leeks sooner than. I’ve been which means to, however I do not really feel like curry is the place I need to check out it first and I will be able to’t consider it is going to deliver one thing texturally that onion wont.

Aside from peppers, is there any factor else I will be able to upload to make the curry chunky? I like having many textures and flavors and I’ve by no means made it with out fishsauce and hen.

Really need perhaps 2 extra greens in it, simply cannot bring to mind what.

Going on a shop run to pick out up some inexperienced peppers and cookie dough, hoping to pick out up the remainder of the elements I want there.

Any lend a hand is very much liked.


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