Melon (Filipino Cantaloupe Juice) Recipe


[Photographs: Vicky Wasik]

I grew up consuming cantaloupe two tactics: piercing completely ripe cubes with a fork to shovel into my mouth, and sipping melon—sweetened cantaloupe juice—from a chilly glass. I’ve brilliant reminiscences of ingesting numerous glasses of melon, a well-liked drink that Filipinos imbibe to overcome the sweltering tropical warmth. The chilled beverage is a staple in our tradition—I’ve loved numerous glasses each with my grandparents within the Philippines and at a bustling eating place in Queens, New York. Served in a tall glass with ice, the lengthy, rounded, pastel-hued strands of cantaloupe swim in their very own sweetened juice. Its mellow, floral-sweet style will quench somebody’s thirst on a scorching day.

Traditionally, the ones signature cantaloupe strands are made the use of a melon scraper, which is hard to search out out of doors of the Philippines. I couldn’t get my palms on one when creating this recipe, so I experimented with two other choices: a fork and spoon, and a coconut grater. The fork-and-spoon approach does a tight process of creating the ones lengthy strands, however it’s extra time eating and the ensuing strands aren’t all that lovely. On the opposite hand, the coconut grater cuts in the course of the cantaloupe’s flesh like butter, yielding gorgeous strips which are simply rather heftier than the norm. Either approach will produce a scrumptious melon. (Alternatively, you’ll be able to cut the cantaloupe into large pieces after which shred it for your meals processor the use of the grating disc to provide shorter strands that, whilst ordinary, will nonetheless be tasty).

Once all of the cantaloupe is shredded, granulated sugar and water are stirred in and the juice is transferred to the fridge to cool. When it’s in a position, fill a tumbler with ice and pour the juice over, ensuring that some cantaloupe flesh leads to there. You can upload a straw and spoon for simple ingesting and scooping. Lately, I’ve been playing my melon with a touch of milk (its richness balances out the juice’s sweetness), and I counsel you do the similar.


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