My friend gets no joy from food. What dish should I introduce to him to convince him otherwise? : AskCulinary


So my friend handiest sees meals as a need for existence. If consuming didn’t save you him from death, he wouldn’t consume. Anything about meals bores him. He eats most commonly the similar staple items (like grilled cheese) and does no longer put any effort in cooking/making an attempt new issues.

I don’t suppose he understands how transformative a just right meal may also be. What dish should I give him to make him perceive?

Here is what I amassed about his meals personal tastes:

  • favourite meals are hummus, avocado, sourdough pizza, Mexican delicacies

  • of the five tastes: ranks umami/sour prime and candy/bitter low

  • doesn’t like heavy foods

  • prefers veggie ahead dishes

  • likes espresso

So my first idea used to be construct one thing round squash (honey, sherry vinegar, parm, sage, possibly as a ravioli). Sounds nice however no longer thoughts blowingly nice.

What are your ideas?


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