My pie top is burnt but the bottom is still doughy : AskCulinary


I attempted baking for the 3rd time and I still strangely I failed.

I could have minimize a couple of corners but I infrequently suppose that the usage of salted butter (which used to be with ease in my refrigerator) as a substitute of unsalted butter would lead to that going down nor does striking the dough in the freezer for 30 minutes would additionally make that a lot distinction. (I’m impatient adequate)

I used to be considering possibly the ratio of my substances. Like the eggs in the cooking video I noticed is a lot higher than the ones in would possibly native marketplace.

I attempted to practice the receipt up to conceivable with out making an attempt going out of my approach to shop for a mixer or scales or any crap that I’m maximum indubitably now not going to make use of after baking my pie.

Can any frame assist me amount of substances? Like when the recipe calls for 1 cup of flour I simply took a espresso cup and dunked it into my flour jar till it’s complete.

How a lot is a desk spoon of sugar do I want my spoon to be very stuffed with sugar that it paperwork a mini mountain or very flat.

I’m new to cooking and I’m now not looking to make the maximum easiest pie ever but I a minimum of need to make one thing that may be eaten.

Can any one assist?


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