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i feel this could be the appropriate sub to invite, sorry if it is not.

my complete existence my dad has made those scrumptious beans for rice and beans however he does not use a recipe and i have by no means observed one for anything else adore it (we are white so it is not like a conventional dish or smth). he roasts a bell pepper and a poblano at the range flame then provides the ones to garlic and onions, spices, chipotle in adobo, then provides some black beans and hominy and no matter different sizzling peppers we’ve got. from time to time he provides salt beef? it is in reality in reality tasty and now we have at all times simply referred to as it rice and beans. it is chunky with the veg and beans and hominy with a thick, soupy-ish base (no longer like a soup or a stew, it is similar to the sauce).

i have been looking for a dish very similar to it so i will describe it to other folks however cannot in finding ANYTHING. the most productive i have observed is hominy and bean stew or possibly succotash, any concepts?


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