Nintendo cancels stream of their Splatoon NA open; fans speculate this is in retaliation to #FreeMelee trending


Text is copied from the submit on the /r/smashbros reddit, however mods got rid of the crosspost due to an factor with the name, so I'm making this a self submit as a substitute.

I'm getting this from screenshots of Spla2oon NA Open discord that had been connected on PG Stats

Discord announcement from the Splatoon 2 NA open server saying they had to cancel the livestream due to "unexpected executional challenges."

Standings of the NA Open teams.

Aftermath in the discord; lots of meme spamming Thought this was worth noting since it's directly related to the SaveSmash/FreeMelee tag.

Source on this being direct Nintendo intervention is a former EGtv proprietor in step with what I've been advised.

Edit; extra resources from a Splatoon TO.

To be transparent this is Nintendo's name, now not any of the TOs or broadcasters they've enlisted for the weekend. This is injury keep an eye on and an outright spit in the face of all of their devoted aggressive scenes. But we ain't stunned lol

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