Before Nintendo launched the Switch, the corporate had early plans to create a an identical hand-held according to its iconic GameDice console, leaked internal documents suggest. There’s additionally a leaked presentation which suggests that Nintendo explored the speculation of liberating a high-definition console that may have competed extra immediately with the PS3 and Xbox 360. Eurogamer notes that the paperwork seem to have come from the similar supply as July’s “gigaleak.”

A technical diagram outlines a portable console which may be connected to a TV by means of a dock that includes GameDice controller ports, reminiscence card slots, and a port for an SD card. However, it’s unclear if the venture ever made it previous this early drawing board. The GameDice had a small sporting deal with, which means that it used to be technically extra portable than both the PlayStation 2 or Xbox, although you continue to had to make use of an exterior display screen, controllers, and tool supply.

There had been quite a few homebrew makes an attempt to make a portable GameDice console. The most classy of those got here previous this yr when @GingerOfMods produced a gorgeous Game Boy Color-style hand-held that used to be capable of playing both Wii and GameCube games. Or, for those who desire the Game Boy Advance SP’s form-factor to the Game Boy Color, then there’s this project from last year.

Alongside main points of a portable GameDice, Eurogamer additionally issues to leaked documents that counsel Nintendo explored generating a extra conventional console follow-up to the GameDice. This high-definition console would had been launched in past due 2005 and competed immediately with the PlayStation Three and Xbox 360, with a lower cost level and a larger focal point on video games over normal multimedia.

Of path, Nintendo by no means adopted via with those plans, and as a substitute launched the Nintendo Wii in 2006. The Wii introduced a distinctive motion-based keep watch over scheme, and {hardware} that used to be restricted to standard-definition graphics. It used to be insanely a success, and eventually sold over 100 million units, greater than each the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Although it used to be a very other console to what’s proven on this leaked presentation, the Wii did use {hardware} designed through ATI (now part of AMD), whose branding seems within the pitch deck.

It’s unattainable to understand from those leaks how a long way both of those plans stepped forward, nevertheless it’s attention-grabbing to look how a long way again Nintendo’s passion within the Switch’s hybrid form-factor is going. It’s another fascinating peek into the historical past of one in all gaming’s maximum secretive firms.


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