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We wrote him a letter proper sooner than we joined, the minute we were given our process at Kenzo in June 2011, telling him how honoured we had been to be running for his namesake emblem. At this time, he did not in truth have the rest to do with the emblem. He wrote to us and he mentioned, “I will’t wait to peer what you may have in retailer, and I see your paintings and I’m excited.”

Then he wrote us again after the first display and mentioned, “I in point of fact really feel that you’ve got captured my spirit.” We pinned it up in our administrative center the complete time that we labored there. A couple of weeks later, he got here to this French AIDs get advantages, Sidaction, that they do annually, and that used to be the first time we met him. He used to be the greatest superstar we can have ever met. It used to be this sort of large second as a result of he represented such a lot to us, as Asian other people and Asian designers, after which to be running at the corporate he created beneath his title.

We had been nonetheless designing and working Opening Ceremony and we had children. And he used to be very at a loss for words at how we did it. He would let us know, “When I used to be designing, we might pass out and keep out till six or seven in the morning.” And then he mentioned he would pass and design and perform a little paintings, after which sleep all day. And then stand up and repeat.

In luxurious, Kenzo used to be a standout as a result of he outlined what prêt-à-porter or streetwear intended again then.

There are such a lot of other eras of Kenzo. In the starting, it used to be a fusion of Parisian flea marketplace materials together with his hints of Asian-ness that may make his release really feel in point of fact undying and rather trendy. If you take a look at it in the historical past of the place Parisian type used to be in the 1970s, Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld had been the family names. But in luxurious, Kenzo used to be a standout as a result of he outlined what prêt-à-porter or streetwear intended again then.

We had the alternative thrice over to paintings with [visual artist] Jean-Paul Goude, and in point of fact attach the ones dots. Kenzo liked it, the ones gestures and those little moments folks simply taking note of what had came about in the previous.

He used to be so humble. He’s Japanese. He’s no longer going to be bragging about himself. So the phrases “trailblazer” and such things as that, I do not believe he used to be considering that. He used to be simply doing what he liked and having a laugh in Paris.

Sayako for Kenzo, styled by way of Françoise Havan | Photo: Hans Feurer

He used to be in point of fact the first Asian dressmaker. He’s the first in such a lot of classes, however the first Asian dressmaker to take Paris on and create a emblem and a space and a brand new language for type. When we arrived in Paris, there used to be a large number of scepticism about us. Kenzo is this sort of cherished and ancient French Parisian emblem. We needed to remind other people of his beginnings and make sure we might carry our Asianess to the emblem. He used to be our inspiration as an individual as a result of he had achieved it. He used to be an instance for us and numerous others.

He opened the doorways and broke the glass ceiling in some ways for what an Asian dressmaker out of doors of Asia may imply, particularly breaking thru in Europe, which traditionally used to be an area for white women and men. It gave a contemporary opening for a large number of Asians who paintings in type, that there’s a position for us in a task this is past a secondary position. That we in truth may lead a space.

Kenzo, in some ways, started this concept of the theatrics in type displays. If you knew Kenzo, he used to be about throwing a large birthday celebration for his pals. He handled the type displays like that — this large birthday celebration for his pals. There are not too many examples that predate him with regards to developing those fantastical displays, whether or not it used to be the circus display with the elephant and the display with the automobiles riding round on Place des Victoires.

Models on the Carol Lim and Humberto Leon’s ultimate runway for Kenzo in 2019 | Source: Foc Kan/WireImage

He spoke Japanese and French, and we talk English and our local tongues. But we at all times made the effort to keep in touch on the other hand shall we. We are obsessive about consuming at Asian eating places in Paris, a large number of Japanese ones. We frequented a large number of the similar ones as him and we might run into him rather incessantly. And then we might make suggestions to one another like, “Oh, have you ever attempted this position?” And he would say, “Oh, yeah, my pal owns that position.” Food used to be a commonality between us.

We went to his 80th birthday celebration, which used to be, in true taste, an enormous bash, all evening lengthy, too. It used to be a past due birthday celebration and he used to be there the complete time, celebrating. We ended up having espresso with him as a result of he used to be beginning his new furnishings and homeware line. He used to be 80 and he used to be nonetheless developing and nonetheless excited. He had such a lot that he sought after to precise. That younger spirit and that method of at all times developing, short of to be informed and delving into one thing stored him going. That’s the wonderful thing about his power.

As advised to Chantal Fernandez.

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon are the founders of Opening Ceremony. They had been the co-creative administrators of Kenzo from 2011 to 2019.


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