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I’ve been finding out to make pizza not too long ago and it used to be going neatly in the beginning, I used to be the usage of a semi-prime hydration recipe with undeniable flour and the pizza used to be respectable. The crust used to be just a little denser than I would love however I figured that’s on account of the decrease protein content material of the flour.

I made the switch to 12% sturdy bread flour while (quite) expanding the hydration and the consequences have persistently been a crisis ever since (three batches).

The dough turns out nice while to start with combining the substances however as soon as the water has began to bind with the flour it turns into a sticky mess and not recovers, regardless of how a lot it is combined or kneaded.

It’s impossible to knead it correctly for the reason that dough simply in an instant glues itself to the paintings floor so when you’re making folds, it remains glued and so no floor stress bureaucracy at the below facet.

I’ve attempted leaving it to leisure for a while then returning to it however after as few as Four or five folds it begins to develop into extraordinarily sticky once more. I depart it to ferment within the refrigerator and it’s the similar tale the following morning, the primary few folds are excellent then it begins to develop into very sticky very rapid.

My recipe & means:

241g flour

150ml water

1g/0.five tsp rapid performing dried yeast

7g/1 tsp salt

Yeast is dissolved in room-temperature water then part the flour is jumbled in. The salt is added ahead of blending in any other 1/Four of the flour ahead of after all blending in the remainder 1/4. This is combined in combination for a couple of mins then left coated to leisure for approximately 10 mins ahead of kneading. After kneading it is left coated for 20 mins then left within the refrigerator in a single day. In the morning it is got rid of from the refrigerator, formed then left to room ferment for Four hours ahead of being stretched.


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