Rebuilding My 7 Python Projects. This is how I rebuilt My Python… | by Kaustubh Gupta | Dec, 2020


Python is an all-time favourite language for programming fanatics like me. I have a prepared hobby in this language and feature been the use of it for over 2 years. This yr I had numerous spare time to paintings on my programming talents and advanced numerous tasks focused on internet building, android app, and Data Science. In this newsletter, I will provide an explanation for what used to be the aim of every venture, how I made it, my related article with that venture, and the GitHub repository hyperlink. Maybe this may seed a an identical venture thought to your thoughts too! Let’s discover those tasks.

As a developer, we create loads of repositories and hardly ever few of them in fact make it to the general venture we exhibit on social media/ConnectedIn. This GitHub motion lets you generate a self-updating portfolio with Projects, Hackathons, and the most recent Blogs. An index document is generated by this motion, which with the assistance of GitHub pages will get deployed as quickly because it is dedicated to the repository. The primary objective of this venture used to be to function a serving to hand in portraying the talents you could have as tasks advanced by you.

Initially, the venture supported just one theme which used to be very elementary relating to interactivity, however as I won steady comments from the group, any other theme used to be added to this venture. This motion is now versatile to select constraints akin to whether or not so as to add blogs, hackathons, opting for the kind of GitHub stats you wish to have to show, all are made not obligatory in more recent variations.

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