Remote Working: The home office desks of Basecamp


Persons are at all times occupied with work-from-home (WFH), faraway running setups. So, I posted a Basecamp message asking our workers to proportion a photograph in their domestic place of job, table, desk, no matter. Right here’s what got here in.

First, the ask:

And the solutions, within the order they got here in:

Andy Didorosi, Advertising

Justin White, Programmer

Jonas Downey, Fashion designer

Troy Toman, DevOps

Blake Stoddard, DevOps

Dan Kim, Programmer

Elizabeth Gramm, Buyer Enhance

Nathan Anderson, DevOps

Jane Yang, Knowledge Analyst

George Claghorn, Programmer

Ryan Singer, Technique

Adam Stoddard, Fashion designer

Willow Moline, Buyer Enhance

Jay Ohms, Programmer

Lexi Kent-Monning, Buyer Enhance

Zach Waugh, Programmer

Joan Stewart, Buyer Enhance

Pratik Naik, Programmer

Kristin Aardsma, Buyer Enhance

Flowers Saramago, Programmer

Conor Muirhead, Fashion designer

Tony Giang, Buyer Enhance

Rosa Gutiérrez, Programmer

Dylan Ginsburg, Programmer

Eron Nicholson, DevOps

John Williams, DevOps

Wailin Wong, REWORK Podcast

Merissa Dawson, Buyer Enhance

Sam Stephenson, Programmer

Jeffrey Hardy, Programmer

Michael Berger, QA

Scott Upton, Fashion designer

Jason Zimdars, Fashion designer

Shaun Hildner, REWORK Podcast

David Heinemeier Hansson, Display-off CTO

Jason Fried, CEO

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