I noticed some blog-spamm rehashing of a CDPR interview this morning, touting the sport as having a “GTA Mode” you’ll be able to activate. For instance, TechPowerUp states “In a contemporary interview with PCGamesN, Max Pears, a clothier serious about Cyberpunk 2077 building, has stated that the sport may have a “Grand Theft Auto (GTA) mode.”

The authentic interview over on PCGamesN says:

“If you need to move out on a rampage and don’t have any regret, then you’ve got the choice, and that’s fantastic with us.” However, it kind of feels the extra gamers development, the extra they’ll be tempted to take a look at out one of the crucial upcoming PC sport’s different, much less, er, excitable choices.

“However, whenever you begin to play the missions and spot the quantity of choices you’ve got,” Pears tells us, “I believe that can make gamers forestall and suppose a little bit ahead of doing one thing reckless.

“We’ve observed a lot of folks default to that ‘GTA mode’ after which after a little bit they realise what number of issues are other and regulate how they play.”

Reading the direct phrases of CDRP right here, it is lovely transparent they’re regarding a playstyle or mindset that feels extra comparable to GTA, now not that the sport has a literal “GTA Mode” you’ll be able to activate.

I’m certain another news outlets are going to select up in this incorrectly as neatly…


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