Simone Giertz, the self-described Queen of Shitty Robots, has created a selfie photo booth out of Lego for her dog Scraps and sure it’s as adorable because it sounds. It is helping that the dog is a VERY GOOD GIRL and extraordinarily photogenic.

Giertz used a Lego Mindstorms kit and Lego bricks (the video is subsidized through Lego) to construct the little booth, and rigged a pedal, distance sensor and circuit board to connect with a dispenser that drops a deal with and snaps a photo each time the dog presses the pedal.

“She is going in there, there’s a little pedal that she will push with her paw, it triggers a digicam that triggers a deal with dispenser,” Giertz explains. “She will get a deal with, I am getting a photo, everybody’s satisfied.”

She says she were given the theory for the dog photo booth when she was once looking to educate Scraps to scroll on a telephone with her paw and take pictures of herself. Because who amongst us has no longer attempted to get our canines to take selfies?

Get my just right aspect
Simone Giertz and Scraps

Giertz is understood for her quirky, most commonly unnecessary robots that hardly do what they’re intended to however that are totally hilarious. Witness the overzealous lipstick-applying robot, the breakfast device that will get Cheerios everywhere but into the bowl, the musical instrument made of teeth, and the wake-up device that includes a rubber hand slapping her wakeful.

In addition to development a very amusing robotic , Giertz confirmed off her new workshop in Los Angeles within the video (with Scraps patiently striking out and staring at). Check out the full video right here.


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