Starting Sunday, cable companies can no longer ‘rent’ you the router you already own


Is your web carrier supplier charging you each and every month for the cable modem or router that you bought along with your own cash? Or, in all probability, have you by no means stricken to shop for the ones pieces as a result of you couldn’t break out the rate? That rate will probably be unlawful beginning Sunday, December 20th, and you will have to inform your ISP that you’ll no longer tolerate it, threaten to sue, and/or profit from any binding arbitration clause it’s going to have with you.

Last 12 months, Congress handed a regulation that are supposed to have mounted this ridiculous loophole as of June 20th, 2020 — and despite the fact that the FCC managed to extend the deadline six months by way of spinning up some bullshit about how cable companies didn’t have the resources to stop charging you money, the regulation will have to take complete impact day after today.

Do notice that the actual text of the law nonetheless lets in some BS to happen. If your ISP sends you a router, you’ll wish to go back it to steer clear of fees.

Frontier specifically has been infamous for charging consumers $10 a month for his or her apparatus “whether or not you use it or now not” — the corporate’s phrases, now not mine — however Frontier is obviously mindful it gained’t be capable to do this anymore. Starting this month, the company’s equipment page has modified to take away the section the place it talks about the obligatory rate. Here’s an archived copy of the site from last month if you wish to evaluate.

If you can acquire your own cable modem, I recommend you do. Modems will normally pay for themselves in lower than a 12 months, and the all-in-one router containers that ISPs generally supply generally be offering worse Wi-Fi protection than you may simply upload to a space your self, specifically now that mesh Wi-Fi programs are higher, less expensive, and more straightforward to make use of than ever earlier than.

It additionally doesn’t assist that during the US, we pay kind of 8 to 17 occasions extra to hire a modem on moderate that Asia and Europe do, respectively. That’s simply one of the ways America’s internet needs to be fixed in 2021.


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