The 10-Minute Window for the Perfect McDonald’s Mash-Up


Collage of McDonald's breakfast sandwiches, clockwise from top left: Egg McMuffin, sausage McMuffin with egg, sausage McMuffin with egg with a hash brown, egg McMuffin with a hash brown

[(Terrible) Photographs: Sho Spaeth]

I believe everybody one day of their lifestyles studies a tragic stretch of time wherein the meals that is to be had to them every day is disgusting, a type of non-public culinary darkish age that is as formative as it’s scarring, a time you glance again on later in lifestyles and wonder at the resilience of the human frame and its skill to live on on little greater than dangerous pizza, alcohol, cigarettes, and low. For me, that point used to be referred to as faculty.

One specifically terrible day, when what used to be introduced by means of the eating plan I used to be pressured to take part in as a situation of dwelling on campus used to be specifically repulsive—additionally, I used to be extremely hungover—I made my option to our lone campus cafe. The meal plan integrated a pittance hooked up to our scholar IDs, which, so as to add insult atop the insult and harm of the eating corridor’s meals, may just simplest be used at the cafe. While the meals there used to be dangerous, too, that you must order what you really liked à los angeles carte, and the high quality used to be somewhat higher, if simplest as a result of maximum of the stuff there got here contemporary out of a fryer. I stumbled into the empty cafe and ordered a breakfast sandwich and, as a result of I used to be already treating myself to what handed as a luxurious at the moment, a hash brown. And then the man making my sandwich taught me a type of enduring lifestyles classes, the sort that sticks with you into your center age, the sort that compels you to hoof it over in your native speedy meals franchise at precisely 10:55 am (on the weekdays) or 11:25 am (on the weekends) so you’ll be able to revel in each the breakfast and lunch menu concurrently.

“You need the hash brown in the sandwich?” he requested.

“Is that allowed?” I spoke back, stupidly.

He chuckled and stated it is a area of expertise in some position that I will be able to’t now recall—I exchange between believing it used to be Pittsburgh or Buffalo—and had some pithy identify like the “gridiron” or the “knuckler” (I have no idea, I used to be very hungover). “It’s nice; each sandwich will get higher in case you slide a hash brown in it,” he stated, with a self assurance that appeared somewhat unhinged to me at the time. Except, with admire to that egg sandwich, he used to be solely proper: the dangerous Aramark hash brown and the dangerous Aramark bacon and the substandard Aramark eggs and the totally appropriate Aramark American cheese slice and the dangerous Aramark bread mixed to provide a sandwich that wasn’t simply fit to be eaten; it used to be scrumptious.

Hand gripping a McDonald's egg Mcmuffin with a hash brown inside, with a bite taken out of it

However just right the mixture is, it is not one thing I ever make at house, partly as a result of the absolute best potato product for this utility is the ones flat, processed potato bricks that you’ll be able to’t in point of fact make at house*, now not the hash browns you can make with grated potato on your stovetop. And, as we all know, the absolute best model of the manufactured hash brown product that exists in the whole international is the one bought at your native McDonald’s from time they open till, frustratingly, a while in the mid-morning.

* Just wish to word that whilst you might imagine the similar factor about that different nice manufactured product referred to as hen nuggets, “Mc” or another way, that is not true in any respect: Tim Chin’s homemade nuggets are better.

Now, I don’t have to tell you McDonald’s is bad. Everyone is aware of McDonald’s is dangerous. It serves unhealthy food; it treats its workers terribly. But it is a pandemic. It’s a recession. Everybody’s out of labor or petrified of dropping their process. Restaurants are death in droves, and there is no finish to it. I’m now not announcing you must move to McDonald’s and consume their meals, however I’m additionally now not announcing you should not move to McDonald’s, order a breakfast sandwich, and stick one in every of their superb hash browns in it—to not beef up some faceless multinational meals company, no, however to provide your self a temporary second of enjoyment in those terrible, loopy, silly instances. Whether you accomplish that or now not I go away as much as you and your own ethics of intake. Mine is tolerant sufficient of hypocrisy that I will be able to consume there now and again with out feeling too dangerous about it; there is a hash brown-sized hollow in it, and it another way looks as if a slice of Swiss cheese. Yours is also product of sterner stuff.

However, even the maximum moral client may discover a want to hotel to ordering one thing from McDonald’s each every now and then, specifically if you end up in a lifeless zone of first rate meals—freeway leisure stops, say, or any airport in the United States, or, as is maximum steadily the case for me, the LIRR station at Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn—puts the place there is not anything in any respect that is price consuming, purely from the standpoint of gustatory excitement. But if a McDonald’s is round and it is nonetheless serving breakfast, know that there’s a little mild in that temporary culinary darkness, and that mild is a breakfast sandwich with a hash brown slid into the muffin*.

** The breakfast sandwiches that do not use the muffin? The ones with the folded egg slab (?) as a substitute of the factor that turns out like a real egg? They are not price a rattling, to me, so we will talk not more of them, right here.

This is not the rest new, after all. Other food publications have lined this matter prior to, despite the fact that and not using a McDonald’s center of attention (and in that, they made a grievous error of style, if now not ethics). Yes, the international has already been instructed {that a} hash brown added to an egg sandwich is an excellent factor to consume.

But why forestall with egg sandwiches?

Hand gripping a McDonald's Filet-O-Fish with a hash brown slid inside

Home from faculty, after that life-changing enjoy with the cafe cook dinner, I discovered myself jet-lagged in Hong Kong, wakeful at four a.m. whilst my circle of relatives slumbered on, so I went to the McDonald’s down the block, which used to be the simplest factor open at the moment. Unlike the franchises in the United States, franchises in Asian international locations usually be offering the Filet-O-Fish for breakfast. If the McDonald’s hash brown is the absolute best factor the corporate has created—and it’s—the 2d absolute best is the Filet-O-Fish, and I did what any cheap human would do, and put them in combination.

Hand gripping a Mcdonald's Filet-O-Fish with a hash brown slid inside with a large bite taken out of it.

You can believe what it is like—the comfortable bun, with its melted slice of American on one part and the blob of mayo-with-veg we all know as tartar sauce on the different, encasing two fried patties, one rectangular one in every of reconstituted potato mush and the different a sq. of flaky pollock that is miraculously identifiable as as soon as having in reality been a fish—however I’ve to counsel you in reality take a look at it to get the complete enjoy; it is mystifyingly scrumptious. One of its maximum interesting qualities is the manner it finds the crispiness of the fish puck and the hash browns to be a lie: they don’t seem to be crispy like a hen cutlet or the outer fringe of battered and fried hen; they don’t seem to be crispy in the manner that crispy issues really feel like once they shatter in opposition to your tooth, like potato chips, or shrimp crackers; they don’t seem to be crispy in any respect, in point of fact. Instead, when mushed up one in opposition to the different, what is printed is that they create a proposal of crispiness, type of like if LaCroix has a crispy taste, even whilst they are comfortable as the doughy bun they are encased by means of. It’s a peculiar trick, and I in finding it a laugh somewhat than disappointing. And after all the mixture tastes just right as a result of the whole thing in the bun is that signature speedy meals mixture of candy, salty, MSG-y, and fried.

It is usually a little tough getting each a hash brown and a Filet-O-Fish in the US, until you might be close to a franchise that provides the sandwich menu all day (fortunate you). If you’ll be able to’t get the hash brown and you might be considering of attempting French fries as a substitute, do not do it. Look at this:

Hand gripping a McDonald's filet-o-fish with French fries slid inside -- don't do this!

It seems unappealing, and it is not architecturally sound: You’ll pull entire fries (in a similar way uncrispy) out of the sandwich until you exert so much of drive with each and every chew.

Instead, I counsel you do what I do, which I admit is more practical for me as a result of I’ve a child and we usually get started desirous about lunch round 11 am: Go in your native McDonald’s simply prior to they transfer over to the lunch menu, grasp a hash brown, wait a couple of mins, then order the Filet-O-Fish. You will really feel terrible after consuming it, after all, and you will really feel terrible whilst consuming it, too, however I do not believe someone can deny the rattling factor is scrumptious.

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