The best Super Bowl ad of 2021 (and 5 really bad ones)


Okay, fast, call the primary ad to run right through the Super Bowl!

Of path you’ll be able to’t take note.

It doesn’t lend a hand that the majority manufacturers had been teasing out or simply flat out liberating their commercials for weeks now, all looking to squeeze every other drop of consideration out of all of the spectacle. It’s simple to be a cynic, however there is not any doubt that regardless of our eyeballs being inundated with tens of 1000’s of commercials each day, we nonetheless all watch this recreation and actively concentrate—even look ahead to—the advertisements.

It’s that one magical day a 12 months for manufacturers used to the complete opposite each different day at the calendar.

This previous 12 months was once a peculiar one, no longer the Super Bowl’s first, however you’d by no means really understand it looking at those commercials. Not a masks in sight. Social distance . . . huh? Ah neatly, chalk it as much as the nice artwork of escapism and an overly actual need to keep away from having made 2021’s Dead Kid ad.

Despite all of the tens of millions spent and the stars wrangled into the hullabaloo, to position it in soccer phrases, maximum of the commercials have been 4 yards and a cloud of mud. No Hail Marys. No promoting equivalents of the helmet catch. There have been some lovely great performs, however one stood out some of the leisure.

And the (utterly subjective) best business of the 2021 Super Bowl trophy is going to . . . Amazon!

Created by way of the company Lucky Generals, the spot sees Amazon again experimenting with Alexa anthropomorphism for the Super Bowl. It first went to this neatly in 2018, when Alexa’s voice was once changed by way of celebrities reminiscent of Gordon Ramsey, Cardi B, and Rebel Wilson. Then ultimate 12 months it was once a have a look at Alexas during historical past. Now issues step up a notch, with the digital assistant turning into Michael B. Jordan within the flesh. Like, really within the flesh.

This isn’t an unique concept, nevertheless it’s person who jumps off from one—and does so lovely spectacularly. Jordan is excellent because the directly guy right here, whilst the husband-and-wife combo hilariously navigates the brand new generation. There are so much of manufacturers the use of celebrities of their Super Bowl commercials, however none somewhat hit the mark as neatly. Amazon delivers a capital S, capital B Super Bowl business with the easiest aggregate of a significant logo, a significant superstar, and highest execution. (It even sneaks in a promo for Jordan’s upcoming movie Without Remorse, debuting on Prime Video subsequent month.) It’s all nearly sufficient to make you fail to remember the corporate is easily on its option to controlling all of the universe.

And now the worst . . .

When it involves judging the worst Super Bowl advertisements, there are a couple of extra components concerned than an ad being merely bad, uninteresting, or unforgivably faulty. Major components into consideration are the dimensions and scale of the logo and its normal ingenious promoting and Super Bowl pedigree. You can’t really evaluate Squarespace, for instance, a logo with unbelievable ingenious within the contemporary previous with Keanu Reeves (2018), John Malkovich (2017), Key & Peele (2016), and Jeff Bridges (2015), at the identical scale as, say . . . WeatherTech (USA! USA! USA!). It’s like evaluating apples and sledgehammers. Let’s gooooooo.

Squarespace “5 to 9”

We invoked its call already, so why no longer get started right here? On paper, this business kills. You can nearly believe the Don Draper-style pitch presentation. “We’re going to get Dolly Parton to rerecord her 1980 hit ‘Nine to 5’ as an anthem to 21st-century side-hustle tradition!” The room jointly rises and grinds.

Except what we finally end up with is a conceptually generic ad (directed by way of Oscar winner Damien Chazelle??) that sees cubicle-bound employees burst into colour when that clock hits 5, as new entrepreneurial probabilities come to existence. This entire caterpillar-to-butterfly conceit is an age-old ad trope. It’s been used to promote the whole thing from laundry detergent to insurance coverage. What makes this extra disappointing is the way it compares to the logo’s extraordinary previous. The Jeff Bridges sleep album? Gold.

Meanwhile, the lyrical blasphemy here’s of the perfect order. Could or not it’s worse? Sure, perhaps if Arby’s were given Robert Plant to redo “Stairway to Heaven.” And she’s buuuuying a Beef N’ Cheddar at Arrrrrrrby’s . . .

Uber Eats “Wayne’s World”

Speaking of brutal murders of popular culture nostalgia, Uber Eats enticed Mike Myers and Dana Carvey out of cable get entry to personality retirement to make use of Wayne and Garth in its spot hyping native meals supply. As somebody who grew up loving Wayne’s World, this feels just like the similar of seeing 77-year-old Mick Jagger strut on level at SNL to “Start Me Up”. . . It feels like the unique, however the years don’t precisely age it like a nice wine.

Cardi B makes a cameo to convey all of it into 2021, and there’s a TikTok second, in addition to a nod again to the product placement spoof of the primary Wayne’s World film. Thing is, you’ll be able to’t spoof product placement while you’re in the center of an enormous product placement. It’s like yelling “Meat is homicide!” whilst your elbow is deep in BBQ ribs.

Jimmy John’s “Meet the King”

Ay oh! Turns out the ridiculous mobster trope nonetheless isn’t lifeless! Brad Garrett stars as Tony Bolognavich, “The King of Cold Cuts,” whose turf is getting squeezed by way of this midrange, two-first-name sandwich chain. Do we even wish to get into what number of commercials have carried out this bit? This isn’t even the primary one within the Super Bowl! Audi just about sewed up the best version back in 2008 with its bumper-and-front-grill-in-the-bed Godfather gag. This is extra like Gotti: The Super Bowl Ad.

Cheetos “It Wasn’t Me”

Once once more, right here we now have a logo using a catchy hit music so as to draft off its emotional nostalgia some of the target market. Back in 2000, Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” was once an authorized megahit, hitting primary in a laundry checklist of nations on its option to promoting tens of millions of copies. Which brings us to Cheetos. If making a really perfect Super Bowl ad was once as simple as typing a success components from outdated commercials into an AI-based business generator, then this spot seems like a certain factor: A a laugh music. Two extremely likable celebrities in Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. And Shaggy is there in a wonderfully fascinating aspect function. In apply, regardless that? Kutcher’s making a song voice is a go between Chad Hanks and Edith Bunker. It’s . . . distracting.

Much like Squarespace, in all probability what’s maximum disappointing is the waste of skill mixed with Cheetos’s personal ingenious ad pedigree. This is similar logo that no longer simplest used the similar cheese mud gag for “Can’t Touch This,” but in addition such things as the Spotted Cheetah eating place—and an entire mansion. Here, like Kutcher, it simply hits too many of the improper notes.

Robinhood “We’re All Investors”

Now we come to the pièce de résistance of business tone deafness. Less than two weeks in the past, Robinhood become Topic A in a rustic the place when a extremely valued Silicon Valley startup is what everyone seems to be speaking about, it’s most probably no longer as it did one thing superb and excellent. We all know of the GameStop inventory marketplace tale, and within the procedure we’ve realized so much about choices buying and selling and quick promoting and all that a laugh stuff. There have arguably been any quantity of other people in search of to solid a villain on this drama, and Robinhood, the unfastened buying and selling app, has been one of them. There are, as of now, six—depend ’em, six!—Hollywood productions looking to combat this tale into comedy, drama, farce, or all of the above.

If you occur to seek out your self in that state of affairs and uncover that you’ve a Super Bowl set to run in mere days, so much of corporations would both cancel the ad and devour the price (good!) or make a brand new ad in search of to convey down the temperature as class-action complaints and invites to look sooner than Congress pile up. (Risky however no longer not possible!)

I’ll inform you what you don’t do: Just run the ad you up to now made and faux adore it’s all excellent. Especially when your spot within the can is aiming for a kumbaya funding anthem, celebrating its shoppers, with no longer even a whiff of absolutely the sh*tstorm it had created amongst the ones very shoppers mere days in the past. Why no longer simply run the room-on-fire Everything’s Fine dog for 30 seconds and slap their emblem at the finish?


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