The David Bowie Monopoly Game Is Here: Advance to GO and Collect 200 Hunky Dorys!


Another means to cross the time whilst we’re snuggled in, waiting for the arriving of a vaccine: David Bowie Monopoly.

Gone are the thimble, the highest hat, the outdated boot and other iconic game pieces you might take into account out of your youth or wet days in beach vacation leases.

This particular version replaces them with 6 primary Bowie signifiers: a star, a skull, a Pierrot hat, a rolled up tie, a space helmet, and a lightning bolt.

Monopoly has in the past catered to song enthusiasts with units faithful to AC/DC and the Rolling Stones, however Bowie’s chameleonic high quality and extremely advanced aesthetic sense guarantees that this one’s ephemera will attraction to all factions of the Bowieligious, no longer simply the ones with the endurance for an extended board sport.

Forget about Boardwalk and Marvin Gardens. Instead of actual property, the sides of the board function albums from Bowie’s enormous catalog.

Secure albums to start erecting phases and stadiums that different gamers could have to “hire” once they roll into the city.

The Chance and Community Chest decks have additionally passed through some ch-ch-changes. Players now draw Sound and Vision playing cards that have the capability to “open doorways, pull some strings or carry the celebrities crashing down.”

Collectors will in finding that this set‘s paper cash pairs effectively with the memento Metrocards from Bowie’s posthumous 2018 takeover of a New York City subway station.

The 4 cornerstones of Monopoly—GO, Free Parking, JAIL, and Go to Jail—stay devoted to the unique, leaving some enthusiasts opining that a possibility used to be ignored:

When you weary of David Bowie Monopoly, you’ll be able to play a pair palms of Bowie, a free downloadable card sport that may be printed at home:

Each participant will play David Bowie, or extra correctly, a personality of David Bowie. The object of the sport is to succeed in the best legacy of any Bowie and continue to exist the 1970’s. Legacy is judged through issues earned from slicing information (flat, black, round- oh, nevermind). There is one slight drawback. The Bowies are endangered through more than a few threats, darkish princes, and figures of the occult (which is certainly not similar to the copious quantity of cocaine being inhaled through our hero). If any Bowie dies, all Bowies are lifeless and the sport is misplaced.

There’s additionally Bowie’s look within the 1999 online game, Omikron: The Nomad Soul:

David Bowie Monopoly is available for purchase here.

by way of Dangerous Minds

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