The End of the Universe Will Probably Be Fairly Disappointing


Katie Mack, an assistant professor of physics at North Carolina State University, is instantly turning into one of the web’s hottest science communicators. In her first ebook, The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking), she explores more than a few situations for the finish of the universe.

“I spotted that once I gave public talks and mentioned the finish of the universe, that used to be one thing that individuals were given in point of fact enthusiastic about,” Mack says in Episode 430 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. “It used to be one thing that I assumed I can have so much of amusing with, and I did. I in point of fact loved penning this ebook.”

Science fiction writers have lengthy been occupied with the finish of the universe, and each Tau Zero by way of Poul Anderson and The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by way of Douglas Adams contain characters who witness the finish of the whole lot. Both of the ones books, revealed in 1970 and 1980 respectively, think a Big Crunch fashion of cosmology.

“The Big Crunch could be attention-grabbing to look,” Mack says. “The enlargement of the universe stops, and reverses, and the whole lot comes crashing again in combination. It could be type of a neat gentle display, regardless that it might even be super-lethal for the rest that’s in the market.”

Unfortunately for science fiction fanatics, the present considering amongst scientists is that the finish of the universe can be lovely uninteresting. “We’re more than likely now not going to have a Big Crunch,” Mack says. “It’s more than likely going to be the Heat Death, the place the universe simply continues to extend and extend, and issues type of fade away. So in concept it would now not finally end up being that attention-grabbing, since you’d get there and all there’s is simply so much of chilly, darkish, empty area.”

Given that the finish of the universe can be type of a letdown, Mack says a adventure to the close to long term sounds way more interesting.

“I’d a lot relatively see 100 years from now, after which one thousand years from now, and type of step ahead that method, and now not move directly to the finishing, as a result of I don’t suppose the finishing goes to be amusing.”

Listen to the whole interview with Katie Mack in Episode 430 of Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy (above). And take a look at some highlights from the dialogue under.

Katie Mack on the Star Trek episode “Remember Me”:

“Very ordinary issues are taking place on the send, and persons are disappearing, and the universe appears to be getting smaller round [Dr. Crusher]. She’s a health care provider, so she is aware of that she might be hallucinating all this, and so she does diagnostics on herself and there’s not anything unsuitable, her thoughts is operating completely. So she concludes that if there’s not anything unsuitable along with her, there should be one thing unsuitable with the universe. … I exploit that to be able to introduce the chance that the reason why we discover the power of gravity to be so vulnerable isn’t that there’s one thing unsuitable with gravity according to se, however that the universe could be a unique form than we expected—may have a unique quantity of dimensions than we expected—and that may be why gravity turns out so vulnerable. So it’s now not one thing unsuitable with gravity, it’s one thing unsuitable with the universe.”

Katie Mack on social media:

“Once shortly a tweet is going viral, after which an entire bunch of other folks see it and a complete bunch of other folks observe you. The greatest instance of that used to be in 2016 the place any person used to be complaining about local weather alternate, and tweeted to me about it, and I replied to that in some way that were given so much of consideration. I have been tweeting about how local weather alternate is miserable, mainly, and any person answered and stated that local weather alternate is a rip-off, and stated, ‘You must move be informed some science.’ So I answered that I already were given a PhD in astrophysics, and greater than that turns out find it irresistible could be overkill. Somehow that were given picked up by way of a host of other folks and retweeted an entire lot, after which J.Okay. Rowling took a screenshot of it and posted it on her feed, and that simply blew up my Twitter. I feel my following doubled in every week.”

Katie Mack on long-term survival:

“In handiest about four billion years the Andromeda Galaxy will collide with this one, which is able to make a large number—it’ll transfer the orbits of stars round, and there’ll be some new megastar formation, and the supermassive black holes will merge, and that might purpose some jets of high-energy radiation, but it surely received’t essentially have an effect on the sun device all that a lot. It’ll transfer the place we’re in the galaxy, and alter our evening sky, but it surely’s now not going to harm us, essentially. Even the quantity of megastar formation that you simply’ll get out of that collision—it’ll be sufficient to activate some new supernovae, but it surely received’t essentially harm us. So I feel we will continue to exist that lovely simply, after which after that it’s only a topic of sluggish cooling, the place the whole lot’s simply type of fading away for billions and billions and billions of years.”

Katie Mack on Freeman Dyson:

“You wish to use much less and no more calories over the years, since you’re going to have get admission to to much less and no more calories as the universe is increasing and cooling. The complete level of [Dyson’s] workout used to be to determine if there used to be a option to decelerate your processes as the universe is increasing, to the level that you’ll are living technically perpetually—it’s simply that over the years every idea will get farther and farther aside. That would paintings if the universe had been increasing linearly, that means that it used to be now not rushing up in its enlargement, however we all know now that the universe is rushing up in its enlargement, and that does reduce to rubble that plan, in a type of sophisticated method. So that doesn’t paintings indefinitely, however it might probably nonetheless purchase you a while, if you wish to have to only preserve sources over an overly lengthy duration of time in the cosmos.”

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