The Story of Fascism: Rick Steves’ Documentary Helps Us Learn from the Hard Lessons of the 20th Century


From Rick Steves comes a thought-provoking documentary that revisits the upward thrust of fascism in Europe, reminding us of how charismatic figures like Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler got here to energy through promising to create a greater long term for his or her annoyed, economically-depressed countries–a long term that recaptured the glory of some mythologized previous. Once in energy, those fascist leaders changed democracy with a cult of persona, incessantly eroded democratic norms and fact, ratcheted up violence, and located scapegoats to victimize–something facilitated through the unfold of conspiracy theories and propaganda thru fashionable media. They would lead their countries into struggle, and in the end wreck, however now not ahead of making a playbook for different charismatic autocrats who lure electorate with simplistic answers to advanced issues.

Originally aired on tv, Steves has launched the documentary on YouTube, hoping that 21st century voters can “be told from the arduous courses of 20th-century Europe.” The textual content accompanying his documentary reads as follows:

In this one-hour particular, Rick travels again a century to be told how fascism rose after which fell in Europe — taking hundreds of thousands of other folks with it. We’ll hint fascism’s historical past from its roots in the turbulent aftermath of World War I, when plenty of offended other folks rose up, to the upward thrust of charismatic leaders who manipulated that anger, the totalitarian societies they constructed, and the brutal measures they used to implement their ideology. We’ll see the horrific penalties: genocide and overall struggle. And we’re going to be impressed through the tales of those that resisted. Along the manner, we’re going to seek advice from poignant points of interest all through Europe in the case of fascism, and communicate with Europeans whose households lived thru the ones occasions. Our purpose: to be told from the arduous courses of 20th-century Europe, and to acknowledge that ideology in the 21st century.

The Story of Fascism (which will likely be added to our checklist of Free Documentaries) is really useful for college students and adults alike. With World War II fading from residing reminiscence, shall we use a excellent reminder, says Steves, of how “nationalism will also be channeled into evil, and the way our freedoms and democracies don’t seem to be indestructible…in truth, they’re fragile.”

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