Urinary Incontinence in Women Common, but Treatable


FRIDAY, Feb. 19, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Nearly 1 in 2 girls over the age of 50 handle the indignities of urinary incontinence, but mavens say no person has to undergo in silence.

Frequently thought to be an inevitable downside of growing older, most girls by no means even attempt to get remedy for the urinary leakage that they revel in, stated Dr. Christopher Hartman, leader of urology at Long Island Jewish Forest Hills in New York City.


“Many girls steadily cite embarrassment as the cause of their prolong in searching for care,” he defined.

Before they come to a decision to get assist, girls wish to resolve what sort of incontinence they have got. Stress urinary incontinence is maximum incessantly led to by way of guffawing, coughing, sneezing or exercising. Conversely, urge incontinence happens when an individual studies a powerful want to urinate and can’t forestall this sensation, Hartman defined. This is usually the results of an issue with the bladder itself or positive triggers similar to caffeine and highly spiced meals, which motive the bladder to contract.

A 3rd kind, combined incontinence, is the combo of tension and urge incontinence. Less commonplace is overflow incontinence, in which a lady does no longer empty her bladder utterly, Hartman stated.

Beyond what form of incontinence is going on, the severity of the situation can range extensively, stated Dr. Elizabeth Kavaler, a urology specialist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

“Urinary incontinence is the involuntary lack of urine. It can contain a couple of drops of leakage to a complete coincidence,” she stated. “Over 25 million Americans admit to ceaselessly having problems controlling their bladders, which drives the over-$33 billion-a-year trade in protecting merchandise, medicines and surgical procedure.”

So, what can cause incontinence?

Stress incontinence is led to by way of pelvic ground weak point, Kavaler stated. In girls, tension incontinence is related to vaginal births, power constipation, weight problems and persistent lung illness. In males, tension incontinence may also be noticed after prostate most cancers surgical procedure.

Risk elements for urgency incontinence come with being over 50, neurological issues similar to Parkinson’s illness and stroke, and urinary tract infections, she stated.


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